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The fluidity of our podcast stems from a friendship established in 1995. We aim to keep each other focused and hope to inspire.  

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After high school Robertson joined the military. Thereafter he worked construction and pursued a degree in culinary arts. Upon return from a lengthy stay in Thailand, he felt disconnected from a 9-5 lifestyle. He is currently focused on two entrepreneurial endeavors; the UnorthodoxRGT podcast, and a small batch condiment company.

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After graduating high school and attempting to acquire a basic college education, not being a school person was proven to be an understatement. In turn, he followed his fathers footsteps by climbing the construction industry ladder; now currently in a management position. Gibbs married his best friend and mother of their first born with the intent to continue the growth of their family tree. He is presently driven to support his family as an entrepreneur.

Uplifting  Podcast with freestyle conversations on life.