You Can Build Your Own Website

The purpose of creating your own website is to keep cost low without devaluing your image. You will find problems set by your own limitations if you do not have any website building experience; Don’t worry, there is always a solution.

This is an informative piece to ease the worries of taking on the important task of creating your own website. You will need to register for external services when creating a website. Gibbs and I found there is typically a help service provided with most the services you sign up with. If there isn’t, the answers are in forums, blogs, and videos.

List of UnorthodoxRGT website service providers:

1. Hostgator – web/domain hosting
2. GoogleApps – e-mail host
3. WordPress – website building
4. Codeable – website coding (promo code below)
5. Libsyn – media host
There are more service providers to choose from; these are the ones we use and recommend. Do your research to find the one that best fits your needs. The following is a break down of each service and the help provided.

1. Hostgator

Hostgator is our domain host which also provides other useful services. Configuring DNS or email set up isn’t common knowledge and involves switching around some important codes. Therefore we called the support number for Hostgator and after some patience our needs were met.

2. GoogleApps

You will then have the ability to create a professional email with an “,” once you purchase a domain.  Hostgator offers a standard email service, but we wanted something we were more familiar with and something that can grow with us. To do this you will need to copy paste codes. Yet again Googles support line works the same way as Hostgator does so all you need is a phone and some patience.

3. WordPress

WordPress is a user friendly website builder, but in my opinion, it isn’t common sense either! A major source of help was though various videos on youtube. We looked to tutorials by Tyler Moore for helpful step-by-step videos. As a result, the biggest piece of advice is to find a video that is the most current. The programs that tutorial makers use to demonstrate on, may have changed by the time you get around to watching them.

4. Codeable

After investing time into WordPress, you will truly know when you are not capable of accomplishing certain task on your own. Codeable, is a website developing company which outsources work to the most compatible person for each job. Codeable will accept any job you have instead of only accepting complete website projects. Gibbs and I needed functions that our WordPress theme was not capable of obtaining. We posted our task to Codeable and we were set up with Nikola, who is an expert in handling blog sites. Nikola was an amazing help that understood our needs and accomplished our task, while providing advice that is currently proving to be extremely helpful. Follow the Codeable links to receive $10 off of your coding task. Also, you may follow the link to Nikola him self.

5. Libsyn

Libsyn is a media host that helps you code files so you can post media to your website and other social media outlets. Also, Libsyn provides an analytic to monitor the traffic on your media files. Well, setting this up isn’t common sense either. We used Pat Flynns tutorials on youtube to get us pretty far but still had minor issues that where proving to be major issues. As a result, Gibbs searched all through the internet and finally found the email to communicate directly with Libsyns vice president, who was very responsive and helped us finish our task.

Everything Is Possible.

Building a website that you care about can be a monster job to accomplish. These challenges make make it all that much more rewarding so don’t give up. There are people waiting to help you, and there are answers to your problems yet to be found.




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