Episode #4 Show Notes

Episode #1 – Primitive Survival Instructor Chad Keel


Chad Keel appeared on my radar as soon as the Discovery Channel’s show Naked And Afraid broadcasted an Episode staring Chad navigation the volcanic island Mont Serrat.

Once he stated he was from Southern California, I shot him a DM requesting an appearance on our podcast. Gibbs and I are glade he accepted because this episode carries the same positive and informative content as our last three episodes.



Chad is a refreshing and spiritually charged burst of energy with generations of survival knowledge. Chad Is also a jiu-jitsu instructor, computer programer, snow park maintainer, and musician. Chads non-profit, Zspiritual, operates out of Southern California. Every Sunday Chad host a hike into the nature and into your soul; where you’ll learn about the surrounding environment and skills that reconnect you to a more primitive time.

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Chronological Reference 

21:00 Perspective Change

23:00 Discovery Channel

29:00 Instagram Hash Tags

36:00 Terrain  Changes

43:00 Computer Programer

48:00 Yerba Mate

51:00 Goals

54:00 Self Anxiety

1:07:00 Kids & Jiu-Jitsu

1:18:00 Winter Survival

1:20:00 Vegetarian Switch

1:30:00 $300 A/C Bills

1:34:00 Discovery Channel Broken Shoulder

1:39:00 Discovery Channel Nuns & Mont Serrat

1:45:00 Canadian Infantry Officer: Dawn Dussault

1:54:00 Free Hikes

2:09:00 Positive Thinking

2:14:00 John Lennon

2:18:00 200 years into the future

2:23:00 Hawaii Anxiety

2:28: Mushroom Science

2:30:00 Rock Knowledge

2:38:00 Mother Oak Tree

2:50:00 Rape of Isis

3:00:00 Fears of Personal Change

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