Letter to my Unborn Child

October 5th, 2015, exactly one month after my wedding date. Upon my arrival home from work, sitting on the counter was a one month anniversary gift from my wife. As the story goes, my journey to fatherhood began.


It was this exact moment that my purpose here on earth became clear to me. For whatever reason, I gave my wife hugs and kisses then proceeded straight to the gym to clear my mind. The following day I began writing. I could write for days on this subject, one of my biggest passions in life is writing poetry/lyrics. I am intrigued how such thorough stories can be condensed into short poems or songs; digging for the perfect words to paint a vivid picture for the viewer. Having that said, I will let the poem/lyrics that I wrote do the talking for me, expressing the crazy emotions and feelings that were running deep within my soul.

Note: This was written prior to his birth.


       Journey to Fatherhood

Please accept my apology as I learn to adapt,

all I ever wanted is to be the best dad a kid could ever have,

so here I am by your side till the end,

I also speak for mom when I say we’re your number one fan,

fatherhood started the day I found out mommy was pregnant,

when daddy came home from work to you wrapped up as a present,

in that split second my heart skipped a beat,

you swept me off my feet,

the weight on my shoulders has been released,

with this introduction, the worlds corruption meant nothin,

it’s up to me and your mom to create a world that you’re loved in,

and with this opportunity although this is new to me,

your mother and I will always be able to stand the test of unity,

my train of thought runs deep as I begin to fall asleep,

my eyelids turn into a projection screen, I see,

you and I playing outside,

chasing the wind feeling the vibes under the clear sky,

then I envision your momma in the kitchen,

doing dishes looking out the window smiling while she listens,

she hollers supper, but make sure you clean up first,

because you guys are filthy from playing in the dirt,

at the dinner table is where we talk about life,

our feelings deep down inside,

be true to ourselves and never lie,

you can truly have whatever your desire,

for this you must lead the quire,

turn your back on the crowd and keep inspired,

my child, I give you this,

the untold truth, every day on earth we are at risk,

this world is run by insane people with insane objectives,

and I’m liable to be locked away for expressing this message,

but that ain’t something that we mess with,

they don’t deserve our attention,

understand we were placed on earth to teach them a lesson,

you see we go against the grain and swim up stream,

we block out the noise and pursue our dreams,

because people are mean,

they’ll break you down to raise their self esteem,

but understand it’s at them where the finger is pointing,

Don’t take it personal instead reverse the role,

put yourself in their shoes,

try to understand what they’re going through,

looking in his eyes on a bended knee,

speaking truth is how I intend to be while working on building our chemistry,

best buds spreading the love,

because helping ourselves isn’t enough,

and giving to others is in our blood,

but then again, can a father be a friend?

what if he helps his son comprehend why he’s being disciplined,

it’s a work in progress as I walk us through the process,

perfection is the objective but your daddy isn’t flawless,

so please accept my apology as I learn to adapt,

all I ever wanted is to be the best dad a kid could ever have!



Thank you for taking the time to read, I hold this very close to my heart.

Peace & Love,








2 Comments on “Letter to my Unborn Child

  1. This Is beautiful, I’ve known Kelly since she was a little girl and to see her happy and seeing you both as amazing parents is totally awesome. If only their were more fathers out there who love there children from the very beginning, life on earth would be so much better. God Bless your family and May you Always be the best parents. CONGRATULATIONS♡

    1. Thank you for the beautiful comment as it is motivation to continue moving forward in a positive light.
      Peace and love sent your way!

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