Episode #3 Show Notes

Episode #3 – Producer & DJ Chad Sells


Episode 3 featuring very special guest and good friend Chad Sells. He is the Producer and DJ of The Vaude Villainz, also known by his stage name Duke Skellington.
Chad has bee a great friend and source of inspiration for Gibbs for some time. Though they met in a party setting, Adam found Chad reading a book about developing the mind, body, and soul under a tree. Naturally, this episode showcases Chads positive  and spiritual energy and the past, present and future of the chart topping musician Duke Skellington.

Chad Sells AKA Duke Skellington Links 

Chad Sells Facebook 

Duke Skellington Instagram 

Duke Skellington Sound Cloud

The Vaude Villainz Facebook

The Vaude Villainz Sound Cloud

The Vaude Villainz Voodoo Swing Album 

Jitter Bug Juke Box

Chronological Reference

2:45 What is Electro Swing

0:04 Inspirations

0:09 Brief Politics

0:11 Hip-hop, Punk, Ska

11:50 Swing Revival

0:15 Enter – Electro Swing

12:30 Wu-tang

19:30 Rag Time Records

22:00 Chart Topping

26:00 Where Humbleness Comes From

34:00 Seattle Five

36:00 How to Build a Song

44:30 Unorthodox RGT Intro Song

47:20 Jitter Bug Juke Box

54:00 Vaude Villans Album Release

59:00 Water is Life

1:00:00 Online School

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