Episode #2 Show Notes

Episode #2 – Business Owner Brian Lauxen


Brian Lauxen, President of NCR Demo, sacrificed everything to become an independent business owner.

Brian takes us through his journey starting with trading in  comfortable income for knowledge. He then reveals the critical thinking that comes with the initial leap to starting a business. His own company started with hand tools and ambition; now Brain has major equipment, many employees, and the same ambition he started with. Brian is living proof that the recipe for entrepreneurial success includes sacrifice and determination.

In this episode Brain also shares other passions that aid in his success such as financial responsibilities and being politically relevant. Brian’s advice can develop the mentality of beginning  entrepreneurs. 


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Chronological Reference 

0:03 The “in’s n out’s” of demolition industry

10:45 Pay cuts for Knowledge

19:00 Podcasts for Knowledge

30:00 Logistics of Equipment

36:00 Working with Asbestos

42:00 Field Operations and Employees

53:00 Bigger Jobs for Bigger Money

1:00 Fucking Taxes

1:10 Getting Political

1:18 Benghazi

1:27 Free market

1:37 Climate Change

1:48 Trump Talk

2:03 Researching Articles

2:12 Boiling Frogs

2:18 Take a Breath

Random Tips 

Brian receives much of his financial advice from Dave Ramsey podcast, which deals with family and finances.

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