Unorthodox Podcast Mentors

Two heads are better then one. In the case of Gibbs and I taking on a start up podcast, two wasn’t enough. A helping hand was needed.


Creating a website, podcast, and blog was something neither of us had prior experience doing; and each subject is its own monster that demands attention. It started as a journey with good intentions and ambition, with no frame of reference. In other professions and life in general, one of the best ways to learn something is through a mentor. Gibbs ran into to mentors while working construction and meeting foremen on the job site. I’ve ran into many mentors in the military and met many inspirational chefs in kitchens.

A mentor at one time was a helpful person, who physically entered your life to help guid you. With the impact of the online world, a mentor can simply be someone you look up to on youtube. Gravitate toward positive people for inspiration and you will absorb some of their traits. Choose wisely as there is a lot of garbage published on the internet.


Podcast Mentors

Of all the podcasters out there, these are the 3 that have been guiding us from the start – along with some links.

Joe Rogan

We look to Joe for overall feel and appeal. Very free and deep conversations; and is always coming from a place of brutal honestly.

Tim Ferris

Tim records and shares his amazing commitment to improving the self. I have let his information guide my fitness life since his book was gifted to me in 2011. He has placed an equal amount of effort toward financial advice as well as content on improving mental health.

Pat Flynn

Pat runs The Smart Passive Income podcast. He delivers the most “in the trenches” style reports about his life on a motivational and start up level. Pat’s tutorials on youtube were extremely useful on the subject of publishing content.



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