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Whats up world!

Welcome to our podcasts website. Thanks for digging through the internet and taking the time to read our first post.

Aside from myspace 15 years ago, Gibbs and I had no website building experience. It took a lot of self directed research to be able to build a site and post this 1st blog. If you are trying to build a site similar to this one, the trait that got us the furthest was determination.


The Unorthodox Robertson Gibbs Trip is a collaboration between two friends of 20 years. Over time we’ve gained a fluidity in conversation. We are only interested in good intentions and real talk.

In our podcast you’ll find genuine curiosity in the broad spectrum of progress and the social dynamics of life. The guest on our show will be talented individuals from many different walks of life. We will extract pure positivity through conversation to discover their positive mentality toward progress. In the blogs you’ll find useful articles with links intended to efficiently help you accomplish various goals. Our mission is to create a positive environment through audio, and create blogs to share advice with you like friend would. Nothing we publish will be a waste of time, and we aim to stand above all the internet pollution.

We began this podcast journey on April 30th, 2016. To see our path at a glance, view our Bio page. The motivation behind our podcast is derived from working for people who don’t have our best interest in mind. To the benefit of our employers, we both live our days passionately involved in the tasks at hand, and we’re unable to flip that switch off. It’s time to let our efforts pave our way to be self sustainable. The best way we accomplish our goal is to combine our energy and try to pass our findings to you. We know theres more people like us out there, so if each post helps at least one person, we feel more people with good intentions will rise. The goal isn’t money, it’s to create a better life for humble people like ourselves.

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Peace, love, and all that positive stuff,


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